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Date Field Formatting changes after publishing it to PBI Service and connecting as PBI Dataset

Hi all,


I'm working with two pbix files, one upstream and one downstream.

In my upstream file, I have formatted field [Extract Date] as a date field d mmmm yyyy both via Column tools in Report mode and Properties in Model mode. Please refer to the screenshots below.

Report mode:


Model mode:



This upstream file is then published to a PBI Service Workspace, thus creating both a Report and a Dataset.


My downstream pbix file then connects to the Dataset from the upstream file as a PowerBI dataset. However, the [Extract Date] field in the downstream pbix file is automatically set to a slightly different date format, i.e. General Date, which contains date and time and the months are abbreviated. Please see screenshots below from Column tools in Report mode and Properties in Model mode.

Report mode:


Model mode:


Unfortunately, the format cannot be changed at the downstream file level since it's connected to the upstream Power BI dataset and for some reason the date format I set in the upstream file and dataset (d mmmm yyyy) is not retained after publication to PBI Service and importing into the downstream file as a PowerBI dataset.


Is this a PBI limitation or a PBI Service parameter?





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

@vitorborges hmm... My understanding was that this limitation only applied to DirectQuery for Power BI Datasets and Analysis Services (composite models) not simply live connections as well, and also that said limitation had been resolved.

I am inclined to say that this is not expected behavior and an issue could be submitted. 

Thanks @ebeery . I've reported it as an issue (see link below) and we can take it from there.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @vitorborges, as an initial check, could you verify what Power BI version you are using?  Also, could you confirm whether you are simply using a "live connection" (connected only to a single Power BI dataset in your downstream report) or the "DirectQuery for datasets and Azure Analysis Services" feature? 

I recall that in early releases of the DQ for datasets feature, formatting was not persisted to the downstream reports. 



Thanks for your prompt reponse @ebeery 


I'm using PowerBI Version: 2.99.621.0 64-bit (November 2021) and am using "live connection", i.e. connected to a single Power BI dataset.


I came across some of @jeroenterheerdt posts in my research that mentioned limitations in the feature, but the link quoted by him didn't work, so I was unsure whether the issue had been addressed or not.


Should we expect a fix sometime in 2022?


Thanks again.

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