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Data flow mapping in power bi



I am trying to visualize in power bi. I have two datasets named - entities and features.

Entity dataset consists of user id, employee business line, employee profile center

Features dataset consist of sender, recipient (which in in the same format as the user id)


For both the dataset the relationship is user id 1--many sender & user id 1--many recipient.


I want to visualize it in such a way where i will be able to see the data flow between business lines along with the sender and recipient names.

for example,


Sender 1                    ------->Recepient 1 

Sender Business line  ------ >Recepient Business line

Helper II
Helper II

A dataflow is a collection of tables that are created and managed in workspaces in the Power BI service. A table is a set of columns that are used to store data, much like a table within a database. You can add and edit tables in your dataflow, as well as manage data refresh schedules, directly from the workspace in which your dataflow was created.

To create a dataflow, launch the Power BI service in a browser then select a workspace (dataflows are not available in my-workspace in the Power BI service) from the nav pane on the left, as shown in the following screen. You can also create a new workspace in which to create your new dataflow.


There are multiple ways to create or build on top of a new dataflow:

Create a dataflow using define new tables
Create a dataflow using linked tables
Create a dataflow using a computed table
Create a dataflow using import/export


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Have you tried duplicating the Entity dataset and name them Sender and Recipient.  After setting up the relationships, you should be able to filter by Business Line or Profile Center for either Sender or Recipient (or both) .

Give it a try and let me know.

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I tried, but i am confused which visual to use. since i want to show it flowing from sender to recepient and i also want to know from which business lines they are.


Something like this:



Take a look at a visual from MS called Chord that might work for you.!AnF6rI36HAVkhPE1-cRFLfEqsq32aA?e=7dxy0t


a few more examples...!AnF6rI36HAVkhPE3lENaOgqiCfkzyg?e=FWrJp6


Hi Sammy

This visual doesn't really do what you want if I understand your requirements.

I've looked at a few other visuals but nothing else seems close either.

Might be a job for...  someone who knows R.

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