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DAX help for previous month calculations

Hi experts,

Can you please provide logic to create below formulas

Complete current month last year sales

complete last financial year sales


Please help

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , With help from Date table and time intelligence


last month Sales = CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]),previousmonth('Date'[Date]))

last MTD (complete) Sales = CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESMTD(ENDOFMONTH(dateadd('Date'[Date],-1,MONTH))))


Last Month =
var _max1 = if(isfiltered('Date'),MAX( 'Date'[Date]) , today())
var _max = eomonth(_max1,-1)
var _min = eomonth(_max1,-2)+1
CALCULATE([net] ,DATESBETWEEN('Date'[Date],_min,_max))




Based on today


This Month Today =
var _min = eomonth(today(),-1)+1
var _max = eomonth(today(),0)
return CALCULATE([Net], FILTER('Date','Date'[Date] >=_min && 'Date'[Date] <= _max))

Last Month Today =
var _min = eomonth(today(),-2)+1
var _max = eomonth(today(),-1)
return CALCULATE([Net], FILTER('Date','Date'[Date] >=_min && 'Date'[Date] <= _max))



Time Intelligence, DATESMTD, DATESQTD, DATESYTD, Week On Week, Week Till Date, Custom Period on Period,
Custom Period till date:
Why Time Intelligence Fails - Powerbi 5 Savior Steps for TI :
To get the best of the time intelligence function. Make sure you have a date calendar and it has been marked as the date in model view. Also, join it with the date column of your fact/s. Refer :radacad sqlbi My Video Series Appreciate your Kudos.


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Hi @amitchandak , can you please provide the formulas for below calculations

Complete current month last year sales

complete last financial year sales

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