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Helper II
Helper II

DAX: What's wrong with my DAX measure?



I have written a measure that applies user input from parameters in the report. But it's not working the way I want it to work. Can someone help me understand what am I missing here?



so I want to add a column which shows the custom value the user entered in one of my parameter against the available data row but the measure creates duplicate entries for each year available in the date table.
The green highlighted row is my original row and the ones in yellow are duplicates.
This is my measure:

Custom_Gewichtet_Betrag_chance =
VAR Betrag = SUM('SalesTable'[Betrag])
VAR SelectedYear = SELECTEDVALUE('DateTable'[Date].[Year])
VAR OGchance= CALCULATE(SUM('SalesTable'[Chance in %]), 'DateTable'[Date].[Year] = SelectedYear)
VAR ThresholdHigh = VALUE(InputHigh[InputHigh Value])
VAR ThresholdLow = VALUE(InputLow[InputLow Value])
VAR CustomHighChance = VALUE('Custom Chance High'[Custom Chance High Value])
VAR CustomMedChance = VALUE('Custom Med Chance'[Custom Med Chance Value])
VAR CustomLowChance = VALUE(Custom_Chance_Low[Custom_Chance Value])
  INT(OGchance) <= INT(ThresholdLow), CustomLowChance,
  INT(OGchance) >= INT(ThresholdHigh), CustomHighChance,
  INT(OGchance)>INT(ThresholdLow) && INT(OGchance)<INT(ThresholdHigh),CustomMedChance


Super User
Super User

@newbie9292 Well, there's a lot wrong like using auto-time intelligence, using VALUE, etc. But, as for the duplicate rows, perhaps you are missing a relationship? It's hard to say exactly. 

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