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Skilled Sharer




If you have the latest version of DAX Studio, could you please be so kind to test if you can run the following DMV view on any pbix model with DAX Studio 2.7 ?



It won't work on my machine. It starts running and then I am getting an error  "An unexpected exception occurred"  . Any ideas how to solve this ?




Thanks, Nick -



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unsupported dependency node discovered issue is due to the parameter if you have any parameters in you dataset please remove it & check it will work fine

@AlbertoFerrari  @marcorusso  need you suggestion on this issue 

My dataset is parameterized so that it can be used in a Deployment Pipeline which switches the dataset to pull from a DEV/TEST/PROD dataflow based on the stage in the pipeline. Does this mean we can't use DISCOVER_CALC_DEPENDENCIES for such datasets? Is is a deficiency in the the implementation of DISCOVER_CALC_DEPENDENCIES or have new Power BI features caused a situation where some precepts are being violated?

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Hi Did you get any solution to this issue. I am running Power BI May 2020 release and latest version of Dax Studio. Still getting same error as yours. 


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I see this error to be model specific.

I've run this DMV for one SSAS Tabular model, and it worked.

On the same server, I've run this DMV for other SSAS Tabular model, and it shows this issue.


The Tabular Model works perfectly fine though.


Can anyone help me fix this issue?





Just tried a few seconds ago, and it works as expected.

Have fun with DAX!

Alberto Ferrari

Alberto Ferrari - SQLBI

I have an SSAS, with two tabular databases, on one I get the same error reported here, on the other it works fine.  It looks like this error is model specific.  Any thoughts on what could be wrong with my model?  Both models are in 1200 compatibility mode.



I my case I was testing this DMV on a Power BI model with the a local instance of analysis service and it turned out to be a bug. It was fixed with the latest February 2018 release but before that you could not run DISCOVER_CALC_DEPENDENCY on 5 consecutive Power BI releases.   When I discovered this bug I tested this on my SSAS models too and all worked fine.


In your case, I will agree with you it does seem to be model specific, since you are able to get it to work on one of the models. 


N -

Hi  @AlbertoFerrari


It appears the problem is with the Power BI October release. My coworker that happens to still have a September Power BI release, is the only one who does not have any issues running $System.DISCOVER_CALC_DEPENDENCY.   When you did the test today, was it October or September Power BI release?


Thank you very much, Nick -


$SYSTEM.DISCOVER_CALC_DEPENDENCY  view works on PowerPivot and SSAS models but it does not work for Power BI pbix models.  DAX Studio  is NOT causing this. I used localhost ports and connect to pbix with SSMS and still get the same error. 

The primary diagnosis is the AnalysisServicesWorkspace Power BI is running on.  Has anyone had a similar issue ?



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