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DAX Issue in Power BI Designer

Hi All,


This is a very specific question.  In Power BI Designer, I'm working with exam data where the column headers are different course titles along with the assignment (ex: ADAExam, ADAAssignment, etc).  Using DAX, I want to create a measure that will average an individual column (ADAExam) that filters out blank cells as well as the value 0.  I know I can get around blank cells using AVERAGEA, but I'm not positive I'm filtering around 0 properly.  What I have is:  CALCULATE(AVERAGEA(Table1[ADARes]), Table1[ADARes] <> 0)

Designer seems to accept that, but when I drag the measure out into the canvas, it gives a warning sign saying that it "cannot retrieve the data for this visualization."


Any help with the formula or insight as to why this is happening would be very helpful!



Power Participant
Power Participant

Try changing the visualization type to a score card or table.

Unforunately I've already tried that and I've got the same message for each.

Is Table1[ADARes] formatted as a number?

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