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DAX : Compare Market Share with average market share of top N

Hello! Could you please make an advice on my issue.

I have table with following dimensions : Year, Product, Sector

For each combination I have MarketSize and Sales

So I'm computing market share (Sales/MarketSize)

Now I want to add columns to my table, for example Average Market Share of top10 Sectors and I'm stuck on that stage, because, with my dax I can only have the values for  top 10 sectors and others are blank.

Ideally I want to say what sales I could have if my sectors  have at least this average MarketShare and put sectors' growth potential (-1+ideal sales/current sales) on the graph.


Thank you!!

My dax below:

AvgMarketShareTop10 =
VAR curryear = 'Table'[YEAR]
VAR prod = 'Table'[Product]
VAR totshare = 'Table'[MarketShare]
VAR ranking =
        FILTER (
            ALL ( 'Table' ),
            'Table'[YEAR] = curryear
                && 'Table'[Product] = prod
                && 'Table'[MarketShare] > totshare
    ) + 1
        DIVIDE (
            SUMX (
                SUMMARIZE ( 'Table', 'Table'[Sector], 'Table'[YEAR], 'Table'[Sales] ),
            ( MarketSize )
        ranking <= 10

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,

Has your problem been solved, if so, please consider Accept a correct reply as the solution or share your own solution to help others find it.

Best Regards

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , You need to have measure like


Top10 Date =CALCULATE(averagex(Values(Table[Sector]), [MarketSize]) ,TOPN(10,allselected(Table[Sector]),[MarketSize] ,DESC),VALUES(Table[Sector]))

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