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Helper I
Helper I

DAX Calculation and measure help for the Turnover %

Hello PBI wizards,


I work for a hospitality company and currently in the HR department. I am trying to create Turnover % (YTD) in my Power Bi dashboard and am facing problems with it. It must be a simple calculation because it is as simple as this -

Turnover Calc = [(Total Term Count/ Avg HC)*(12/ Completed Months)].
I already have Total Term Count but Avg HC (see below picture). I have HC but no idea how to create Avg HC.
Let's say I have a table 'All Term Data'[Employee Number] for Total Term Count and 'All Master Team Detail Data'[Employee Number] for Headcount. To calculate Turnover Calc, I need Average of Headcount, not Count of Headcount.
Does anyone know the DAX calculation for this Turnover Calc?

Each property has their turnover %.

Finally, I need

  • Average headcount of each property. (currently have count of total headcound and they added up by monthly)
  • I need a measure for the Total Turnover % which is Turnover Calc = [(Total Term Count/ Avg HC)*(12/ Completed Months)]
  • If you see the picture below, I have a column called Total Turnover% and I need that column filled.



And also if there is anyone who can share their Linkedin for PBI help, please let me know, I would like to contact individually for a tutor or something.




Super User
Super User

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