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Cumulative avarage in Line Chart

I want a line chart with 3 different lines as values.

The first lane is the total revenue for a specific month.

The second line is a KPI for the revenues.

The last line should be a cumulative average which is a combined average for the selected months.


I use this formula but unfortunately it doesnt work:

CALCULATE([XXXXXX],FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Dim_Calendar),[Date] <= max(Dim_Calendar[Date])))
I get the values cumulated but it aint a cumulative average. 


I thought that the second dot of the light blue line would be in between the first and second dot of the dark blue line.
What am I doing wrong?


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

The first argument of your CALCULATE function should specify an AVERAGE function.

So the DAX in a measure would be as follows. Change the word "Table" to the name of the table that contains your omzet column. 

CALCULATE(AVERAGE( 'Table'[Omzet] ),FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Dim_Calendar),Dim_Calendar[Month] <= max(Dim_Calendar[Month])))


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I think this is close to the solution but it is not there yet.

I get cumulated averages but I believe that the averages are for single rows while I want them as a sum for that entire month.


Light blue is now approx € 100 while dark blue is still €250K

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Yes you are right - my mistake. 

Please try this:


Monthly Average YTD =
    VALUES ( 'Calendar'[Month Number] ),
        SUM ( Sales[Omzatz] ),
        FILTER (
            ALLSELECTED ( 'Calendar' ),
            'Calendar'[Date] <= MAX ( 'Calendar'[Date] )


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Do you maybe have a solution for the final part of the equation?

To get it cumulated within the linechart with the months on the X-line

I think u are at the point where I ended as well hahaha.



Now the revenues per month and the cumulative revenues are the same.

That is because the months are part of the line chart.


If I change the visual to a able and remove the months the values do change but I want to monitor progress during the year within the separate months.


Another shot maybe (A)? 

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