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Cumulative Total Changes with Date Hierarchy Filter

I finally found how to create a cumulative total measure, but now I'm running into the problem of the cumulative total changing when I filter to see certain dates.


I want the cumulative total to always start from 0, or the first production date, but still be able to only view specific points in time.

For example when I view only 2023- the cumulative total starts from January 2023, not the first production date back in 2019. The Date column used below is essentially record date.


Right now my measure is this:

Cumulative Water =
        ('MRC_DailyProdDisp'[Date] <= MAX('MRC_DailyProdDisp'[Date])
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@sboobar You can do this using Better Running Total, using CALCULATE in a single table data model is going to give you wonky results a lot of times. Better Running Total - Microsoft Power BI Community


You *might* be able to get there switching your ALLSELECTED to ALL

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DAX is easy, CALCULATE makes DAX hard...

I was able to create the cumulative (or running total) without 'calculate' but I still have the same issues when it comes to viewing/filtering to specific time periods- my measure changes its cumulative total depending on the dates I have selected. The measure I used is below:


Cumulative Water =
VAR _Date = MAX(MRC_DailyProdDisp[Date])
VAR _Table = FILTER(ALLSELECTED('MRC_DailyProdDisp'),[Date] <= _Date)
I want the cumulative total to no matter what start from the first date (say in 2002) and even if I'm only viewing 2023 data in a table I still want the cumulative total to start from 2002. Currently when I view only 2023 data it starts the cumulative calculation in January 2023.

This worked in SQL using Spotfire, just trying to find DAX equivalent for Power BI


Sum([GrossWaterProd]) over (Intersect([PropNum],AllPrevious([Date])))

Example of cumulative total changing:

Location with 2023 selected:


Location with 2022-2023 selected:



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