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Cumulative Grand & Row Totals Not Correct



I am building a matrix which is to show the cumulative sales total of various categories and products.


I have found a way to get my values to cumulate down to that level, but where I'm currently stuck is with the row and grand row totals. They seem to be duplicating the line above (assuming because of the MAX).


Is there a better way to write this DAX formula to achieve this ask? Or is it a small change that needs to be made for the totals to work properly? 


I do have a date table built into the report and the snip below is showing the product index number for privacy reasons. Product_Level_2 what is normally shown.


Thank you!



v2 - Enterprise Sales | TY Cumulative = CALCULATE(
    [Enterprise Sales | TY Actuals],
    FILTER(ALL('C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'),'C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'[Date]<=max('C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'[Date])  &&
    'C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'[New/Existing Clients]=max('C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'[New/Existing Clients]) &&
    'C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'[PRODUCT_LEVEL_2]=MAX('C+D | Enterprise Sales Total'[PRODUCT_LEVEL_2])))






Super User
Super User

@12sarah96 , You should use a date table joined with the date of your table. The field from date table should be used in a filter, slicer, measure, and visual


Have measure with all filters other than date, say M1 

and then have measures like


Cumm Sales = CALCULATE([M1],filter(all('Date'),'Date'[date] <=max('Date'[date])))

Cumm Sales = CALCULATE([M1],filter(allselected(date),date[date] <=max(date[Date])))

Cumm Based on Date = CALCULATE([M1], Window(1,ABS,0,REL, ALL('date'[date]),ORDERBY('Date'[date],ASC)))

Cumm Based on Date = CALCULATE([M1], Window(1,ABS,0,REL, ALLSELECTED('date'[date]),ORDERBY('Date'[date],ASC)))

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