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Cummulative Sum on columns not working , needs to change according to filters applied

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate your help on the following: 



SUM (Table2[NMV]),
FILTER(ALLEXCEPT(Table2,Table2[PM],Table2[TIER]),Table2[Index] <= MAX ( Table2[Index])
calculate(sum(Table2[NMV]),filter(all(Table2),Table2[Index] <= max(Table2[Index])))
If you notice, I have filters selected. And this measure only works when I have, either, one selection per filter or when no selection is done in ANY filter. 
2) Running nmv COLUMN  = column
SUM (Table2[NMV]),
ALL (Table2),
Table2[Index] <= EARLIER (Table2[Index])
) --> followed your logic
Although it is displaying the running total with no slicers selected, when I start to filter, it will not change dynamically as I need. 
In the end of this, what I would need to do is to divide each row of this cummulative_sales by the TOTAL_SALES_AMOUNT, which will be a %. Then I will do the same for the Losses (all the process before mentioned).
I need this because I want to create a line chart with 2 measures (cummulative sales for X axis and cummulative losses for Y axis) and on the legends I would put the country (so, 1  line per country). But the line chart does not allow me to put measures on the X axis, hence my need of using columns.
Can anyone help me please? I am starting to give up on this.
Thank you!!!
Super User
Super User

@sofias  is possible to share some data?

If I took the time to answer your question and I came up with a solution, please mark my post as a solution and /or give kudos freely for the effort 🙂 Thank you!

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