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Helper I
Helper I

Cross-filtering -- clicking any segment and getting all the same segments across all columns

This is a hypothetical scenario/question, so please bear with me...

When crossfiltering or crosshighlighting with a stacked bar/column chart, you normally click on a segment, and you get the corresponding data in another chart with related data.  For example, let's say I have a multi-month chart -- let's say it's typical Jan thru Dec stacked column chart (let's call it Chart A) -- and each month is comprised of a few segments for spend across certain categories.  When I click on a single segment --let's say the blue category segment in the month of June -- I have another chart (let's call it Chart B) that would display the data for that blue category June segment and break it down further by something else... let's say product.

Question:  Is there a way to select a single category segment (i.e., a segment in one of the months) in Chart A and always display all the months of data for the above that segment in Chart B rather than Ctrl-clicking each and every month or having to select the category from a separate slicer?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Resolver I
Resolver I

I think this would be possible. I guess you could use a separate measure that would take into account the filter context of the segment but using the ALL function for the months?

So, if I understand correctly, if I make Chart B display a measure with the correct filtering function (e.g., ALL), it should display the data ignoring the fact that I selected only the one month?  I can give it a try.

I know I am asking a lot here, but is there a way to reflect that cross-filtering/highlighting behavior in the Chart A -- that is, I click a single segment, but it highlights all the same segments in each of the stacked columns (in addition to whatever Chart B is doing)?

Yes, the first part should be correct - I think you could even try using an easier way of clicking your Chart A visual -> Format -> Edit Interactions -> then clicking the 'stop' sign on the Chart B visual. This will stop the segment clicking affecting Chart B at all. 


Then if you want to just click a segment on Chart A, and it appear in all of the months, you can just click on the Legend Key for that particular segment and it should highlight them all? 


Hopefully that helps.

Normally, selecting the legend would be the right choice.  The problem is that the legend cannot be displayed for various reasons.  As long as the Chart B interaction works as expected, then the requirement would be met.  The second part is just "gravy."

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