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Creating a measure that takes the average for future events

Hey guys,


I have no clue what to do here:


I have a table which calculates the average amount of sales by month, hour, category and title like this:

Month nameHourCategoryTitleAvg. Am. Sales


The measure "average amount of sales" refers to a column in a table and is defined as:

Average amount of sales =CALCULATE(AVERAGE(SALES[SALES]),ALL(Calendar[Date]))


 So far so good. But now I want to use these averages as a forecast for future dates (incl. time). I created a table like this:

Date+TimeCategoryTitleForecast Am. Sales
10.02.2024 13:301A1
27.03.2023 13:452B1
01.02.2023 17:011C2


So, when I put in the measure, it deletes all future entries and does only show sales of the past.


For sure, this is exactly what is meant to happen, but I have absolutely no idea how to create a new measure that calculates an average for past amount sales and uses it as a forecast for a future date and time.


Could you help me out here? Thanks a lot! 

Super User
Super User

But now I want to use these averages as a forecast for future dates (incl. time)

Which forecast methodology are you planning to apply?  Do you care about seasonality? Do you care about weekdays/workdays/holidays? DST?

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Thanks for your reply. I think that sounds really interesting and I would try if this makes sense for my model. But as I even fail with just averages for future dates I thought that would be the first step of understanding.

In the meantime I tried a few more measures and when I refer to columns like Date+Time (like ALL(SALES[Date+Time])) it creates Dates in the future that weren't in the original table... I think this ALL-function doesn't work for me here...

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