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Creating Map with bubbles that don't change size when zooming in or out

Hey guys! First post here so sorry if it isn't as easy as possible to follow. A sample set of data is below (it's a handful of Bucee's locations, no I do not work at Bucee's but I needed to keep locations private)


I'm trying to do something that I feel is relatively elementary but I'm having a good bit of trouble doing it. I'm trying to create a map that has several addresses throughout a handful of states and plots them based on size - basically a sales coverage map. The issue I'm running into is that I can make the map with ArcGIS and use "Radius" as shown in the table below in the "Size" column when setting up the map, but it will change size when zooming in and out as pictured; it isn't set on that paticular amount of the map, just that value relative to the other values.


I have also gone into the buffer/drive time feature within ArcGIS to see if I could brute force my way into getting each one to display its size but it only let me do one size at a time, then I had to remove that size in order to display a different size.


Is there any way I can build a map where the sizing of each location is locked on the same amount of geographical area regardless of how much the map is zoomed in or out? 


As an aside but not as important, I would also find it useful to see if I could get the center of each plot to be darker than the outer edge, or even a heatmap version of the geographically accurate map I described above; I understand this is more complex and this is not a life-or-death option, but figured it would be worthy of mentioning in case someone knew off the top of their head how to achieve that. Please respond with any and all questions if I wasn't clear, and thanks so much!


Customer 120403 Co Rd 68, Robertsdale, AL 3656730
Cutomer 26900 Buc-ee's Blvd, Leeds, AL 3509430
Customer 34080 East Fwy, Baytown, TX 7752150
Customer 45005 I-30, Royse City, TX 7518950
Customer 51013 Buc-ee's Blvd, Richmond, KY 4047570


zoomed out map showing sizing of plotszoomed out map showing sizing of plotszoomed in on the same map showing different size of plotszoomed in on the same map showing different size of plotsthe menu I attempted to use to set a buffer radius around each plotthe menu I attempted to use to set a buffer radius around each plot


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