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Create a new measure takes 10 minutes.

Hi, I have a report with 700 measures, and when aI need create one more It's take more than 10 minutes in power Bi Desktop.

Can I do the creation by script?. It's posible disable the working for every creation and only do that at the end of creations of new measures?




Helper IV
Helper IV

Same, takes me 15 minutes to create a new measure on a 70mb dataset. There are a few dozen measures and lots of inactive relationships. Using DAX editor is instant, so why can't it be instant on the Desktop app?

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am having the same issue with yours. Since this is an old post, I wonder if you found a solution for this. If yes, would you please share your tips?

Thanks a lot.


Hi rmoreno,


Well I think currently it is a little hard for me to reproduce your scenario.

Measures should be take so much effects in performance, as it is only calculated when in use. Do you have Variables defined within the Measure? Reference: Measures in Power BI Desktop.

If you mean writing measures using scripts in Power BI desktop, then you may take a look at R Visuals in Power BI Desktop:

Run R scripts directly in Power BI Desktop

By the way, what do you mean by saying "It's posible disable the working for every creation and only do that at the end of creations of new measures?"

Please reply back if you need any further assistance.





After each creation of measure, appears the message "working on it..." on a MsgBox. This process take 10 minutes or more.

The R Visual scripts don't resolve my problem because I don't have R licence, some that reduce the time was create measures with only 1 registry on my Table, but change the table take 20 minutes.

Same thing here...

But in my case it happens creating anything: Measure/Column/Hierarchy

Any ideas??

Work with a little sample of data decrease this time, but still take so long. When you finish your modifications put all data and publish.


Another idea can be split the reports to decrease the number of mesures or columns neaded.



I have the same thing going on in several files. As far as I can tell it's caused by having a high number of measures and/or calculated columns. There seems to be an upper limit on how many you can add before the file bogs down.


I can't share any of them because they're all company data, and there's no way I'm going to take the day and a half it would take to create a demo file with dummy data to reproduce the problem.

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