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Resolver I
Resolver I

Count Number of IDs within a Call

Hi, I am trying to add up the number of calls that have so many IDs attached to them. So, for example 4 calls had 3 IDs attached to them, and so on. I am not sure how to display this in Power BI. I was hoping a Matrix would figure it out for me  but this is what I got: 


One call could have several IDs attached to it, or just one. So, out of the 7,617,384 calls, I'm trying to display that for example 100,000 of them had 3 IDs attached to them, 75,000 had 4 IDs, etc....can't figure out how to show this. 

Super User
Super User

I created a new table (basically just number 1, 2, ... n), then used a measure to calculate the number of calls attached to an ID -

Count of IDs = 
var temp = ADDCOLUMNS(VALUES('Table'[Ids]), "countIds", CALCULATE(COUNT('Table'[Ids])))
return COUNTROWS(FILTER(temp, [countIds] = SELECTEDVALUE(Frequency[Value])))



@vicky_ Thanks. Not sure if I've done this right since this is a new one for me. Here is the DAX based on what you said (I wasn't sure about what "Frequency[value]" was). 


Count of IDs =
var temp = ADDCOLUMNS(VALUES('table'[ID]), "countIds", CALCULATE(COUNT('table'[ID])))
return COUNTROWS(FILTER(temp, [countIds] = SELECTEDVALUE('table'[CALL])))


I got the error message: Couldn't load the data for this visual because DAX does not support comparing values of integer with values of text. I am not sure where in this DAX I need to fix this (the CALL and ID data must be stored as text because they both have letters in their codes). 

SELECTEDVALUE('table'[CALL]) is the part that's not working. 
In my DAX, i've created a new table called Frequency with a column called Value - that is what i'm using in my equation, not the call string. If you still have trouble, please add some sample data.

@vicky_ I appreciate your help. Can you share with me the DAX for the table you created? I think I'm confused because in the illustration at the top it looks like you have a column Frequency and a column Value. I am not sure how those two are interacting with each other (if they are). Thanks!

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