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New Member

Could this slicer issue be fixed?

I created two slicers for two columns (test1 and test2) in the same table and they are able to interact with each other. 

Here is the table:


However, when I disable the interaction of 'test2' slicer and the option '3' will be remained after i chose '11' in 'test1' slicer.


The expected output is when I select option '3' in slicer 'test1' and tick '11' in test2, the slicer 'test1' should be refreshed and all options will be unticked.




Super User
Super User

Hi @nosodala 
In the case that I understand correctly and you expect that selecting one slicer will undo the selection of another slicer, this is not possible action.
Slicers interact as follows:
Selecting a slicer that is related to another will reduce the options in the second slicer in accordance with what is related to the first selections.
By disabling the interaction, choosing a value in one slicer won't affect the other at all.
No selection or definition will result in previous selections being unchecked.

"Cleaning" a slicer selection is done through the same slicer where the selection was made.
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi Ritaf


I understand the result after disabling the interaction that the second slicer will not affect the other at all.


But when I choose '3' in the second slicer and choose '11' in the first slicer, the actual data combination '3' in column 'test1' and '11' in column 'test2' does not exist. Once I untick '3' in the second slicer, option '3' will disappear immediately. I think the correct output should be when I tick '11' in the first slicer, the second slicer should refresh data and remove option '3'.

Only what you can choose is affected, not what you chose.
If you disconnect the interaction, you get all the options in 2 slicers..
Your result does not ignore a selection since slicers are not connected.
If this is what is required, you should consider it when building metrics and setting up manipulations in Dax.


If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Only what you can choose is affected, not what you chose.”  I only disconnect the interaction of one slicer and all operations on the others will not affect the one I disconnect.


This means it should affect other slicers when I change options on the one I disconnect and it is wrong to keep the options I chose before since there are no such options in other slicers






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