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I have a table that essentially looks like this: 

Supplier X132-04-002Y
Supplier W132-03-001N
Supplier W132-04-007Y
Supplier W132-03-003N
Supplier W132-03-001Y
Supplier X132-04Y
Supplier X132-01-001Y
Supplier W132-02-001Y
Supplier Y132-03-001N
Supplier X132-04-005Y
Supplier Y132-04-007N
Supplier X132-04-005N
Supplier Z132-04-001Y
Supplier W132-01N
Supplier Z132-04-005N
Supplier W132-04-007Y
Supplier W132-03-003N
Supplier Y132-04-004N
Supplier W132-01-002N
Supplier W132-01-002N
Supplier Z132-01-003Y
Supplier X132-01-004Y
Supplier Z132-02-002N
Supplier Y132-01-003Y
Supplier X132-02Y
Supplier X132-04N
Supplier Y132-03-003N


Essentially, I'd like to find a way to display the suppliers across the Y access, the CC# across the X access and only include the "y" values (which can be replaced by a number value if it makes displaying it easier). I'd like to have it feature something like the ribbon visualisation where it connects suppliers from x value to x value. In a correlation chart, this would like essentially be like a table where there is a color where there would be a "Y" value and nothing where there is a "N" value. The idea is to be able to easily identify where suppliers offer certain capabilities so that I can easily see where they overlap. Ideally, I'd add another column that indicates the amount of spend we have with a supplier in that capability. So that I can see where we might be able to consolidate spend and reduce our number of suppliers... Does that make sense?

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Hi @v-henryk-mstf 

Thank you for your time and any assistance. Please see the above explanation. 


Thank you,


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So, I've posted what I've been able to create here. Essentially, I'm trying to find a way to visualize where there is an opportunity to reduce the number of suppliers. The ribbon chart on the top shows where there is a "y" indicating that the supplier does provide that service. It connects with the chart on the bottom, which shows how much the company spends with each supplier for that "commodity code" (thanks Ariba)... I want to be able to easily identify where we can reduce our suppliers, by consolidating spend from, say for example, 4 suppliers to 2 suppliers. What I'd really like this to do, if it could, is identify where, across a group of commodity codes, there is at least 1 supplier who supplies all commodity codes (capabilities), but where there is spend with greater than 1 supplier. In the case of the data provided in the attached image, Supplier W, in light blue, would be the best option for consolidating all spending. Supplier Z might be the best option for reduction (getting rid of this supplier to reduce the number of suppliers we contract with...). Does that make more sense? If so, I wasn't sure if there was a better way to create that visualization so that it's easier to identify opportunities. 


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @scootzinc ,


It is not quite clear what you are looking for, is it possible to further describe your business needs and provide information such as screenshots of the desired results.

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Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


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