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Resolver I
Resolver I

Coordinates for circle 3D



I have this circle of radius = 6... so X = 6 * cos(radians(angle)), Y = 6 * sin(radians(angle)). In the scatter chart, it works ok.


I am looking (probably in DAX) for X' and Y', that will make the circle rotate 'towards and in front of me'... so in 3D sort of speak. So at 90 degrees angle, I will see a flat line.


I do not want to use X,Y,Z coordinates, I will rather adjust the size of the points to do the 3D effect.


Any help would be very appreciated.



Super User
Super User

Hello @Louis66,


You can use trigonometric functions to calculate the new X' and Y' coordinates based on the angle of rotation: 

X' = 'Table'[X] * COS(RADIANS('Table'[Angle])) + 'Table'[Y] * SIN(RADIANS('Table'[Angle])) 
Y' = -'Table'[X] * SIN(RADIANS('Table'[Angle])) + 'Table'[Y] * COS(RADIANS('Table'[Angle]))

You can then use X' and Y' as the X and Y values for your scatter chart, and adjust the size of the points to create the 3D effect.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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I tried your method... ok what I see is a rotation of the circle. This is not what I hoped for - what I want is a rotation from 'back to front' - in other words, the circle will gradually collapse on itself to form a straight line (at 90 degrees), and then will gradually reform until I see it again perfectly, but on the 'other side'.

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