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Helper II
Helper II

Connect to O365 user profiles

In a BI dashboard I want to show User profile data of all my users.

How can I connect to the O365 user profiles?


Thanks, Mike

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Hello there, Has anybody found a solution to get O365 user profiles data? I'm particularly interested in a user profile picture, since it's the only datasource where our employees photos are maintained. 


I know this query is several months old now, but I've found the answers as follows:


1). Import SharePoint list - or other suitable source if required

2). Import user profile information: 

2.1). Get data with OData type: (change sharepointsitename to your site name)

2.2). Select the list “UserInformationList” and load the data.

3). Join SharePoint list you imported in Step1 to user profile info you get in Step2: Go to Manage Relationships function in Power BI Desktop.


My source 


Hi sp_mike,


Could you please explain a bit for what data that you would like to get into Power BI from the User Profiles, or just as an O365 admin, to monitor the office 365 users in Power BI?

Office 365 team has announced a new Office 365 content pack for Power BI, please take a look at it and see if that would meet your requirements:

Announcing the preview of the Office 365 adoption content pack in Power BI

If you are interested in that, you need to sign up for the preview program:


The limited preview of the adoption content pack is available for Office 365 customers today. To get access to the content pack, please send an email to and include your tenant ID. Sign-up closes October 16, 2016and space is limited—so please sign up now. After we have prepared your data (it can take 2-3 weeks), you will receive an email with instructions.

The adoption content pack will become available for all customers to opt in by the end of December.


If any further help needed on this, please post back.


Hi, I want to connect to the O365 user profile cards to get the "works with" information. I want to cluster our clients into different segments based on who they work with. Can I accomplish this by using the O365 adoption data in Power BI?


Thank you!

Hi Michael,


On my dashboard I have certain figures that must be drilled down from company level, to department level to person level. On this person level I want to show some common information about this person, like phone, room number, if possible a picture, etc.


For example. I am a manager and check some figures concerning one of my people (let's say some sales figures). When I see the figures I want to ask some questions. So I need information about this person. Or maybe contact directly from Skype.


I hope this makes it a bit clear.


Thanks, Mike

Hi sp_mike,

We could build a new Visual to display the Person information, the User contact information from the Office 365 should be obtained from the Exchange server, we could try to get the user data from Exchange, or Active Directory. Then use the User data to build another Visual.  Just drill down through the sales Visual, currently I don't think this is possible.

By the way, showing images in Visuals through the data source currently is not supported in Power BI, this should work in Excel Power Pivot.

Or you may consider submit an idea regarding this part, through the following website:



When I connect to exchange online I can only optain my contacts. What I need is all O365 users. Azure AD might be a solution but how do I connect to Azure AD from power BI?


Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,


Please check the article below and se eif it would help:

Azure Active Directory and Power BI

By the way, owuld it possible to get the user list from Active Directory?

Power BI and Active Directory for system Administrators


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