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Connect slicers to all visual

Hi, I am trying to build a dashbaord with slicers on the first page. I have a main dataset and a small table. I'm hoping that the slicers can filter all the data and apply in all visuals. However, as I was exploring the visual that connecting to the small table is not syncronise to the options that I selected in the slicer. (I undesrtand that we can only make one relationship active) Would like to hear from you, do provide me some suggestions. 




Well it looks like to be the relationship I've mentioned 🙂 Now try to apply filters on Country and/or Department from "Top 20 Achiever". "Main table" should be filtered accordingly 🙂 

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Super User
Super User

Hi @AlexRL774, first of all, it's possible to make a slicer filter all or selected visuals 🙂 Moreover, filters on one page can filter other pages as well. In most cases filter behavior depends on your semantic model (aka "data model").


Now, coming to your issue, if one of slicers is not filtering a visual, most likely there is an issue in semantic model logic. Please share with us your model diagram and more details on what filter and table you have (where filtering doesn't work as expected) so we can help you!

Hi @Sergii24, attached the model diagram for your reference. What I'm trying to do is that, I want all the slicers to be connected to the 'Top 20 achievers' table, not sure if it is possible? If I am connecting 'Country' only, the only slicer that works would be Country, I do want the visual to appear specific data by department as well. data.jpg


Hi @AlexRL774, you can try to rebuild your semantci model to avoid many-to-many relationship.

I suppose "Top 20 achievers" has unique ID (IDs are not repeating), is it so? If the answer is yes, then "Top 20 achievers" is a dimensional table. Remove relationship between countries and create a new one from "Top 20 achievers" to "Main data"  (the created relationship should be one-to-many in a direction from "Top 20 achievers" to "Main data". 

When done, use only fields from "Top 20 achievers" for filtering. "Main data" will be filtered accordingly.

Make sure to read this article, which will be very helpful for your future developments - Understand star schema and the importance for Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Good luck!

Hi @Sergii24 , yes, 'Top 20 Achiever' has unique ID and the IDs are not repeated. 


I tried creating relationship from 'Top 20 Achiever' to 'Main Data'. Looks like it won't allow me to do so. I tried editing in the relationship editor it will bring to this and when it hit on close, it will revert back to From 'Main data' to 'Top Achiever'. Not really sure what is going on. 




It will bring me back to this, though, I have already edited it. 

Well it looks like to be the relationship I've mentioned 🙂 Now try to apply filters on Country and/or Department from "Top 20 Achiever". "Main table" should be filtered accordingly 🙂 

Helper I
Helper I

You can have multipule slicers to filter your table.

I don't get the issue, could you explain your senario? 

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