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Compare with QlikView please?

Hey experts,

Just trying to get my head around the best approach on Power BI.


I have extensive experience in QlikView and I have listed the Qlikview approach below. 

Can someone please compare it with Power BI and show similarities or how it is done in Power BI.


QlikViewPower BIComments if any?

QVD: This is the data layer where data from SQL Server is extracted and stored into individual QVD. each QVD is similar to the individual database table. SQL queries with where cluase are used to filter the data in these QVD for example to hold only last 3 years data.

The QVD will have the fields from individual fields or combined fields from one or more than one table and whatever SQL Query allows to do.

Data model. This layer uses the QlikView scripts to join the QVD just like tables and joins in SQL query to form a conceptual data model (start/snowflake  Schema). Inner join and left join are defined here.  
Finally the data model built is used to build the dashboards.  
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Thanks Amit.


More questions on what you said.

 Can you please clarify on what you mentioned "Left or right join is taken care of by the measure."?


In power query editor, what should I use? Merge queries or Merge queries as new?

When I chose Merge queries as new it is creating a new table (Merge 1) which I can understand.

But to do with the original tables loaded? When I load all tables are loading and slowing down the performance.


Moreover, the merge query data is taking forever to load and shows 'Preview is evaluating'. Any tips around this to make it better?


Appreciate all your help here. Cheers!!

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , In power Bi import mode you can load data into tables, same as database tables.


You can join on one column in the power bi data model. Left or right join is taken care of by the measure.


In power query you have merge table option, where you can merge tables using a different kind of joins 


On Data model, new columns and measure are created and visualization are created for report and dashboard

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