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Helper II
Helper II

Combine Two Slicer Values from Same Data

I have a list of companies. The final product of the dashboard would have two slicers. One slicer is for the user to select the company the analysis should be performed on. The second slicer lets the user choose other companies to compare the first selected company against.


The rest of the dashboard really just needs to show all the companies selected from both slicers. The benefit of having the two slicers is that I would need to sometimes refer to or know the specific company selected in the first slicer.


For example,


User selects AAPL in the first slicer


User selects NFLX, GOOG, MSFT in the second slicer.


The analysis throughout the dashboard would show data for AAPL, NFLX, GOOG, and MSFT. But there are certain pages of the dashboard where I need to call out the AAPL selection or do calaculations involving it.

Helper II
Helper II

@jaweher899 Thanks for the reply. I understand the selectedvalue dax code and such. I'm not understanding how I can create two slicers that will work how I'd like.

I have one list of companies. If I create two slicers based on this list (one for the main company, one for the comparison companies) the slicers won't work in sync. If I select 3 companies from the comparison slicer and then try to select a company from the main slicer, the main slicer would override the other or vice-versa. I need the slicers to work together and include both slicer selections rather than filtering each other. 

Super User
Super User

You can create two slicers in PowerBI, one for the main company to analyze and one for comparison companies. To refer to the selected company in the first slicer, you can create a calculated column that returns the selected value of the slicer. You can then use this calculated column in your analysis and visualization to compare the selected companies. Additionally, you can use DAX functions such as "SELECTEDVALUE" or "CALCULATE" to manipulate and reference the selected values from the slicers in your calculations and visualizations.

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