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Columns with both numbers (percentages) and text?!?

Hello, I'm completely new to Power Bi and have been trying to find a solution to an issue where 2 columns of my dataset are primarily percentage numbers, but also have a handful of cells containing text where I have not been able to gather data.  In those cells I have the text 'NO DATA' and want that to show in the matrix im using the in my report to display the data.  

My report has a slicer which allows the user to pick a specific geographical area from the dataset which then displays a bunch of visualisations to display the info.  The matrix I'm using to display the data mentioned above just returns a blank when an area is selected in the slicer that contains 'NO DATA' in the database.  Where the database has data which in this case is a % of unemployment it displays that info fine.  

Does anyone know how I can get the Power Query Editor to recongnise that these two columns are a mix of % and text (which when imported display in the PQE as 'error')?



Super User
Super User

@MJ_for_YAL , Power bi does not support mix data type you have to create two coulumn


replace No data with null in power bi

Hi could you give me a bit more detail on that?  If I create 2 columns, how do I get the visualisation to look at 2 columns for a value to return to 1 cell in the matrix?

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