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Column flag for top percentage



I need to create a calculated column where it crates a flag (yes/no) for the top 10% per category. Any saggestions? 


To be more precise, i need to flag in a customer per store dataset, the top 10% customers per store, based on their spending.


Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @nikos_derv ,


This can by creating several calculated  columns but a warning, this looping in each row per category and can be very slow on  large table. I'd like to see a more efficient to this approach if there is.



Percentage = 
//value percentage within a category
VAR CategoryTotal =
        SUM ( 'DataTable'[Values] ),
        ALLEXCEPT ( 'DataTable', 'DataTable'[Category] )
    DIVIDE ( 'DataTable'[Values], CategoryTotal )
Percentage Rank within a category = 
//rank the percentage with highest as one
    FILTER (
        'DataTable'[Category] = EARLIER ( 'DataTable'[Category] )


The formula below can be very slow - might cause memory crash/webview2 error/bluescreen error.


Top10 =
//calculates the runninng percentage based on the rank and by category
//returns true if the running percentage is <= 10%
    SUM ( 'DataTable'[Percentage] ),
    FILTER (
        FILTER (
            'DataTable'[Category] = EARLIER ( 'DataTable'[Category] )
        'DataTable'[Percentage Rank within a category]
            <= EARLIER ( 'DataTable'[Percentage Rank within a category] )
) <= .10



Please refer to the attached pbix. Go to the dataview then select Datatable table


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Thank you @danextian for your reply!

I didn't get to use exactly your suggestion but you definately showed me the right direction.


In case anyone else might have the same issue, my solution was: 

-create a column to calculate rank per category, using RankX (as mentioned above)

-create a column to calculate the max value of rank column, for each category 

-final flag column: IF('rank column' <0.1 'max rank per category column' ,1,0)
Again, many thanks for our support!

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