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Column Not Able To Be Added to Visual

I've got a DAX-created table that shows the total number of appts for a given patient ID, summarized from a much bigger table. The summary table consists of 2 columns, PatientID and Number of Appointments, works like a charm.


I want to put it in a chart, with Number of Appointments as the axis and try to use PatientID as the value (text datatype, will summarize as Count if it works). I cannot drop PatientID into the Visualization "values" field. It just won't take. 


I have no idea why it won't - any thoughts from folks?


DAX for aggregation table


Pt Appt Agg = SUMMARIZE(
Appointments[Patient ID],
"Number of Appointments",
[Appointments Seen]
The rest is just the vanilla clustered column chart viz fields. 
I'm sure it is something simple, but I'm pretty new to this.



Community Champion
Community Champion



You have grouped the table based on Patient_ID... so this is dimension not a measure...


In the other hand you want to use it in the chart as measure, which doesnt make sense and obviously PowerBI cannot accept it.


Try to create the table in Power Query editor and then create the chart on desktop

Unfortunately, it is much too large a table (apparently, as it crashes every time I try) to do this in Power Query, hence the DAX workaround. 


This is exactly the same setup as in ... so I'm not sure what the difference is that is preventing me from setting up a chart the same way. 



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