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Helper II
Helper II

Client evaluation changes - measuring progress

I'm trying to count distinct clients who have had an additional evaluation by measure only if their score per measure was greater than the prior score.  

Collections intervals are 'blank' or Baseline and then 6 month or 12 month etc. The measures are titled Q_Eductation or Q_Well_Being_Pillar Score.  For each measure I want to count a client (Client_Code) if for their measure they had a higher score than their previus one and report out the # of distinct clients by measure and score.  The scores translate to specific progress measures

I am trying to do this in a DAX formula not a new table.

Example Results

Measure                                 Score    # Distinct Clients

Q_Educational_Attainment      32             1

Q_Well_Being_Pillar_Score       32             1 


Example Data

C000001Baseline16403/23/2022 0:00 
C000631Baseline24407/12/2021 0:00 
C004461Baseline8144/7/2021 0:006/9/2021 0:00
C00459618+ months41810/26/2022 0:00 
C004968Baseline16326/28/2021 0:00 
C005026Baseline8248/17/2021 0:00 
C005293Baseline12108/23/2022 0:0010/5/2022 0:00
C006037Baseline32403/11/2022 0:00 
C006165Baseline4148/20/2021 0:0011/1/2021 0:00
C006302Baseline4202/24/2021 0:002/24/2021 0:00
C0063026-months4168/25/2021 0:008/25/2021 0:00
C0078146-months16368/25/2022 0:00 
C037797Baseline16183/17/2021 0:007/23/2021 0:00
C0377976-months323212/15/2021 0:00 
C039488Baseline865/20/2021 0:006/30/2021 0:00
C043868Baseline12185/13/2021 0:006/9/2021 0:00
C0438686-months12181/27/2022 0:00 
C04386812-months12203/15/2021 0:005/10/2021 0:00

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