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Click a value in a table row to create a new separate report

We are trying to update a public website where we display inmate mortality statistic that will dynamically update the statistics from our datawarehouse and we would like to use PowerBI for this. The exact webpage we would like to replicate is this .


Just like in this page, I would like to have a table that will list "Mortality data separated by manner of death from the years 2016 to 2022" table AND just like in this page, I would like to be able display a new/ separate "Power Bi" report that will display detailed list of records from a selected "Fiscal Year". 


Same for the following "Statistics by Facility": We would like to have a a list of our correctional institutions Power Bi report table (that will dynamically update in the table if a new one is opened or closed) AND each institition name in tah report will link toa new/separate Power BI report that lists all the records from that institution.


Now I am very, I mean VERY NEW to this Power BI 🙂 but I could not find any help about how to do this using Power BI. It sounds very easy but I am surprised this is not possible (as far as I could conclude from my hours of online searches) or as straight forward in Power BI. 


Could anyone help please? Is this even possible with Power BI? If so how? 🙂


Thank you.



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Super User

Learn about the concept of Drillthrough and Drillthrough pages.  Alternatively, (and depending on your user audience) consider using the standard filter functionality in the Filter pane.

I did look into drillthrough stuff on Power BI but that is not very user friendly; you have to right click to open a menu like in windows and then find and click in that menu... I am very surprised such a higly advertised tool as Power BI doesn't have something that will be simple as clicking on a cell value to run a new query with that cell value to display a detailed report like the sample in the webpage I shared above... It seems like a very common functionality that would be desired in reports...


But what do I know 🙂 And I am very new to this Power BI. Just not imperesed with it so far, to be honest 😞

If this is important to you please consider raising it at

Ok. thanks for letting me know about the existence of that link 🙂 I appreciate it. 

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