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New Member

Chronological Schedule Section Table/chart

Hi All, 


I'm trying to create something that resembles a geological chronological section in power bi, but struggling. I have to admit I have nothing of merit to post as 'what I have tried' because frankly nothing I have done has come close. I have tried Gantt charts and tables and matrixes. But falling pretty short of what i'm trying to achieve. 


The data I have has start and end dates and then some text data associated with that.


My fall back is do a Python visualisation which I can probably do and perhaps is the only option, but wondered if there was anything more powerbi native that would achieve this look before I start writing something Pythonesq.


If anyone has any suggestions I would gladly hear them as i'm at a loss - or put me out my misery and say it's not possible in powerBi is also absolutely fine!


This is kind of what I want to get to (mocked up data below)





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JustPete ,

I created a sample pbix file(see attachment) for you, please check whether Gantt 2.2.3 is what you want.

Using a Power BI Gantt Chart for Project Management

Managing projects with multiple phases in Power BI using Gantt Chart


Best Regards

Community Support Team _ Rena
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Hey Rena, 


Thanks for that - in some ways I think we have been on the same path. What you have there is great, but perhaps my mocked data didn't quite do the problem justice. 


For you second screen shot the problem would be the longer the dataset the larger that 'legend' list would get. 99% of items in this list are unique names. 



The issue with perhaps both screen shots is that the scale you have used for my requirements is too wide, ideally it needs to be a quick look up at a narrowish monthly column. Using a slightly better exagerated mock set of data you can see that when the start/stops are around a week apart and the data is display by month the columns all roll in to each other. 


For that reason in my 'fake' example of an end goal the writing was vertical so that it would slot in to a column.


I'm fairly certain there are no formating options like that in Gantt 2.3.3. I don't think it will even let the labels go below a size 8 font. For that reason I don't think it will achieve something like this -




Thanks for your time though, if you have any other thoughts please let me know - as I said thought I suspect I need to turn to python to get what I need. 





01/07/2022 00:0016/07/2022 00:00Fluffydog
17/07/2022 00:0030/07/2022 00:00Milodog
31/07/2022 00:0013/08/2022 00:00Mittenscat
14/08/2022 00:0027/08/2022 00:00Hairydog
28/08/2022 00:0010/09/2022 00:00Pawscat
11/09/2022 00:0016/09/2022 00:00spotdog
17/09/2022 00:0022/09/2022 00:00fangdog
23/09/2022 00:0028/09/2022 00:00whiskerscat
29/09/2022 00:0004/10/2022 00:00floppydog
05/10/2022 00:0010/10/2022 00:00noisycat
11/10/2022 00:0016/10/2022 00:00smellydog
17/10/2022 00:0022/10/2022 00:00lassiedog
23/10/2022 00:0028/10/2022 00:00Tomcat
29/10/2022 00:0003/11/2022 00:00Scoobydog
04/11/2022 00:0009/11/2022 00:00a12345dog
10/11/2022 00:0015/11/2022 00:00a12346dog
16/11/2022 00:0021/11/2022 00:00a12347dog
22/11/2022 00:0027/11/2022 00:00a12348dog
28/11/2022 00:0003/12/2022 00:00a12349dog
04/12/2022 00:0009/12/2022 00:00a12350dog
10/12/2022 00:0015/12/2022 00:00a12351dog
16/12/2022 00:0021/12/2022 00:00a12352dog
22/12/2022 00:0027/12/2022 00:00a12353dog
28/12/2022 00:0002/01/2023 00:00a12354dog
03/01/2023 00:0008/01/2023 00:00a12355dog
09/01/2023 00:0014/01/2023 00:00a12356dog
15/01/2023 00:0020/01/2023 00:00a12357dog
21/01/2023 00:0026/01/2023 00:00a12358dog
27/01/2023 00:0001/02/2023 00:00a12359dog
02/02/2023 00:0007/02/2023 00:00a12360dog
08/02/2023 00:0013/02/2023 00:00a12361dog
14/02/2023 00:0019/02/2023 00:00a12362dog
20/02/2023 00:0025/02/2023 00:00a12363dog
26/02/2023 00:0003/03/2023 00:00a12364dog
04/03/2023 00:0009/03/2023 00:00a12365dog
10/03/2023 00:0015/03/2023 00:00a12366dog
16/03/2023 00:0021/03/2023 00:00a12367dog
22/03/2023 00:0027/03/2023 00:00a12368dog


New Member

Ok I will add one image of how close I got with a Gantt chart...but all the words merge in to each other because sadly the formatting for the 'gantt' widget isn't quite flexible enough for the scale I want to display at.




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