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Helper I
Helper I

Charts not filtering

Hi Guys,

I'm relatively new to Power Bi and I'm at my wits end.

Everything in my report is working fine except for the interaction between 3 charts.

When selecting a value for the bar chart the Gauges refuse to filter.
Selecting a value in the table filters all 3 charts.

I checked under the edit interactions and all of the interactions are selected to filter.
I also checked that all of the values are whole numbers (not sure if that would have any impact)

Above is a breakdown of the relationships. All of the values are pulling from the "Flags" table here, none of the values pull from any of my other tables.

Breakdown of the values are as follows:
Flag Total = IF(
Flags[Time/Date Flag] +
Flags[Duplicate Flag] +
Flags[Multiple Flag] +
Flags[Dummy Flag]

Bar Chart: 
   1. Count of Dummy Flag
   2. Count of Duplicate Flag
   3. Count of Multiple Flag
   4. Count of Time/ Date Flag
(also tried sum, gives the same values, but still doesn't filter)

Gauge Left:
Value: Count of Flag Total
Maximum Value: Count of Account Number

Gauge Right:
Value: DIVIDE(SUM('Flags'[Flag Total]), COUNTA('Flags'[Account Number])) - Measure


Helper I
Helper I

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

Hi @IanSwanepoel,

There is nothing wrong with in your reports and the interaction between 3 charts. When selecting a value for the bar chart the Gauges refuse to filter, which is a unsupported feature to date. I test it using my sample data, the scenario is the same. Please review the following feature request and vote them.

Filtering data in a Report using two or more visualizations
Convert clicked filter to report filter

Best Regards,

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