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Helper III
Helper III

Change transparancy of the filter in a visual

Is it possible to change the transparancy of the filter in a visual?


I have a line chart here and it is really unclear what data is highlighted, I'd like to set the transparancy of the things that are not highlighted on 0. If this is not possible out of the box is it easy to make a custom visual out of this? 




Curious to hear your opinion.

Super User
Super User

Hi @JBeyers,


Could you not create another visual which uses the same attributes as you have in your chart with the line colours?


Then when you click on the other visual it will then filter your line chart to ONLY show what you selected?


This is shown below.


Power BI - Single Selection in Charts.png

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Power BI Blog

Hey @GilbertQ


I like your solution however it doesn't seem to work for me. 

I think it is because I want to filter on the column header, instead of a value in one column (country in your example).

Do you know if that's right?




Thanks for the help anyway!

Community Champion
Community Champion


I think your best option may be a Disconnected Slicer - read about it here

It seems you have about 15 Measures

If you've been relying on the built-in calculations (i.e. dragging a Column to the Values area)

you may have to write the equivalent Measures.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Community Champion
Community Champion

Unfortunately we don't have such setting. Smiley Sad


But what you could do is Hide the Legend in the Chart OR better yet Position it on Top (if you need to make room for the Slicer)


then create a Slicer using the same Legend Field and the Slicer will filter all others in effect setting trasnsparency to zero


not exactly what you asked for but with the slicer you can select multiple items which unfortunately you can't do with the Legend too


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy


Hey Sean, 


Thanks for the suggestion but the big problem here is that I'm not using a legend. The legend that you see here are just all input columns in the value section. I don't think it is possible to create a slicer on column headers, or is it?


Any alternative options? 

Hi @JBeyers,


>>I don't think it is possible to create a slicer on column headers, or is it?

Yes, current power bi visual not support to create a slicer on column headers like a pivot table.



Xiaoxin Sheng

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