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New Member

Change or delete hover/tooltip slicer

Dear community, 


In my report, I have created a slicer which uses online images. It works well, the only thing is it displays the link anytime you hover over it, which is like an eyesore to me. It would like to delete or change the hover/tooltip. I have looked far and wide to come up with a solution, but found nothing yet. Does anybody has a good idea for this?


Best regards, Ben

Super User
Super User

The only way I know of to "disable" this is to create your own custom tooltip to use instead, if this slicer allows for that. This isn't the built-in visual tooltip, so likely you already turned that one off. I have tried submitting bug reports for similar issues (turning the tooltip off still showing this useless tooltip) but haven't gotten much of a response on it.

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