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Change decimal separator


I am trying to change the decimal separator of a number, without changing my windows local format, as it is for one table of my report only.

Why ? : because I need to export ONE specific table of the report into a CSV format to import it in my ERP, all the other tables and graphs should keep my standard format.


Standard format : # ##0,00 (example : 1234,33) > it's a comma, used in 99% of my reports.

For this specific table, I need this format 1234.33 (with a dot), so I will be able to export its content to a csv file.


I tried to change in Power Query (using US decimal format), not working

If in PowerQuery I use the Replace Value of a column formated in text, I can do partially what I  want, with to situation that are not good for me : I wont have 2 decimals for numbers like 1234,00 (and I need thoose 2 decimals), and PB won't be able to do some calculation (no more sum for example)


I can't find a way to do it.


Thanks for your help

Solution Sage
Solution Sage


You may please explore this by changing both the languages to English (US). I tried changing this to French and restarted  and everything changed into French. As I don't know French, I could not go further. However, it appears that you might have to create a new report.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Did you try using Locale in the Type in Power Query?



Hi Padycosmos,

Yes I tried that, and it is not working.

I also tried by adding a column, and formating with a M formula (but it is not very clean !): 



if MYCOLUMN<0 then Text.Replace(Number.ToText(MYCOLUMN*-1,"0.00"), ",", ".") else "0.00"


So, it give me the right visual and export result, but as a text, I can't avec the SUM off all the lines.

Mmmmh, forget it, I won't be able to export in a semicolon CSV file....

So after the export I would need to replace all the "," by a ";", which is not convenient at all.

So I voted to this idea, but with only 384 votes in 6 years, I pretty sure it will never be done 😞

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