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Advocate I

Change Connection from SSAS to Power BI Online Connector



We are currently using the Power BI Services for over a year and we are noticing that our dataset are piling up because we use the SSAS Live connection instead of the Power BI Online connector.


Is there a way to change the connection in Power BI Desktop from SSAS to an Power BI Online connection? The only other option is rebuilding all the reports to the Power BI Online connection, but that would mean rebuilding 50+ reports...


With kind regards,

Daan Damhuis

Frequent Visitor

Hi guys, 


Did any of you find a solution for this?



I've used the Business Ops from It contains a program that's called "Hot Swap Connections" by Steve Campbell. 


Business Ops - (



Just did this yesterday as well, and it works wonders. 

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Here are the steps :

1. Be sure that the Preview feature : “DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services” is activated.
Go to File --> Options and settings --> Options --> Preview features

2. Click on “Make changes to this model” (right corner where you see your data connection)

3. A pop up will prompt then Select “Add a local model”
4. Go to Transform Data -- > Data source settings

5. Delete your SSAS source by clicking on “Delete…”
6. A yellow ribbon will appear then Select “Apply changes”
7. Your dataset from SSAS is now all removed. Now you want to establish a connection to your Power BI dataset. Select Get Data --> Power BI dataset. You are now connected Live on your Power BI Dataset.

Hope it helps  



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@daandamhuis, not sure if you found a solution, but the following method worked for us (assuming the powerbi dataset exists)


  1. Create an empty .pbix with a connection to the powerbi online dataset
  2. rename the .pbix to .zip
  3. extract the zip file
  4. copy the connection.xml
  5. rename the .pbix that connects to SSAS to .zip
  6. extract the zip file
  7. replace the connection.xml with the connection.xml you copied in step 4
  8. zip the folder again
  9. rename the zip file again to .pbix
  10. publish your new .pbix

it takes about 1 minute, but feel free to tell your manager that you had to recreate the 50 reports.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor


This method is no longer working. Any ideas or suggestions

Hi - I faced this same issue and found a solution this morning. 


  1. Create a new connection leveraging the NEW connector to the table you're looking to update.
  2. Go to "Edit Queries"
  3. Select 'Advanced Editor' for both the table leveraging the previous connector AND select 'Advanced Editor' for the table leveraging your NEW connector.
  4. You should be able to see the differences in the XML. Copy the details from your new connector into your old connector, but be sure to keep any customizations such as #ChangedType.
  5. Close and apply, and your old table should now leverage the desired connector.
  6. You can double  check the connection(s) are updated by going to "File" >> "Options and Settings" >> "Data Source Settings"
  7. Delete the table you no longer need. 
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We also have the same problem. Without the ability to copy content from one report to another, we would have to recreate all our reports (which is way too time consuming to justify doing).

Yes that exactly it. Is there a uservoice thing for it?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @daandamhuis


Did you try to change your data source ?


Go to File -> Options and settings -> Data source settings >Right click data sources and change source





- Quentin

Nope can I only change the connection within SSAS , but I can't change it to Power BI Online connection.


example 2.pngexample 1.png

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