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Helper II
Helper II

Card result can't display value (Current YTD vs Previous YTD)

Hi gentlemen,

I am struggling to try to resolve this problem in my PowerBI dashboard. Hope you can help.

I have a card visual which will show the percentage result of the comparison between current YTD against previous YTD. 

However, the error message appeared when I slice and filter with other dropdown selection.


Error Message.JPG

Let me show you..


Under normal circumstance, when user did not select and filter any selection criteria in dropdown selection filter, all the following visual appear and calculation is accurate. (refer to first column scenario)


However, when I select and filter other object in the selection dropdown, the error display in the CARD and Table (refer to the second column scenario).

Normal Circumstance (correct outcome) - all objects are selected in selection dropdown Abnormal Circumstance (error outcome) - when certain objects are selected in selection dropdown
Card 1-correct.JPGCard 2-wrong.JPG


The following is the DAX used in the computation.


(Current YTD - Previous YTD) DIVIDED BY (Previous YTD)






Current YTD calculation

IME_charges_YTD1 = TOTALYTD(


                        IME[File Date]


Previous YTD calculation

IME_charges_PreYTD1 =





Thank You.


Super User
Super User

Question: do you have a date table and is it marked appropriately in your data model?  SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR() is a time intelligence function that requires a properly indicated date table.



Also the error message seems fairly clear that it requires a list of dates without gaps.  This would be accomplished with a properly created date table.


Make the date table.  Create relationships between that table and the relevant tables.  You should be good then.

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