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Can someone help me, why when I put the Category, the results are losing me

Dear all,

I did one calculation to show what I need, Results in 4 previous quarters but now when I bring a category it disappears although the relationship is fine and works properly.
If I put the same category in the Filter pane, it works well.
Can someone know where the problem should be?

These are the calculations that I did:

This is for the count:
*Total Number = if(NOT isinscope(Results[Result (+/-)]) && HASONEVALUE(Results[Result (+/-)]), BLANK(), COUNTROWS(TimestampExportReport) )

I did a table for only Years and Quarters.


After that, I did this calculation where I put as a filter on the filter pane and everything is good till now:

Flag =
var _max=SELECTEDVALUE(ForSlicer[YearQuarter])
var _min=CALCULATE(MAX(‘ForSlicer’[YearQuarter]),FILTER(ALL(‘ForSlicer’),‘ForSlicer’[Index]=SELECTEDVALUE(ForSlicer[Index])-3))
VAR _yearQuarter =
MAX ( ‘Calendar’[Years] ) * 100
+ MAX (‘Calendar’[Qtr])
return IF(_yearQuarter<=_max &&_yearQuarter>=_min,1,0)

As I said when I put the Category, it disappears the result.

I did this video where you can see it.


Super User
Super User

@EdipGashi , Assume the total number is a measure, In place of the Flag filter use this measure

Create a column in ForSlicer and calendar 


Qtr Rank= rankx('ForSlicer',[YearQuarter], ,asc,dense)


//ForSlicer is independent table, calendar   is joined with Table
new measure =
var _max = maxx(allselected(ForSlicer),ForSlicer[Qtr Rank])
var _min = _max -3
calculate( [total number], filter('Date', 'calendar '[YearQuarter] >=_min && 'calendar '[YearQuarter] <=_max))

Thank you @amitchandak ,

I think that the problem is somewhere else because if I put Quarters in ROWS and Category in COLUMNS, they are displayed very well, but Quarters in Columns and Category in Rows are not displayed.
I have never encountered this problem and I don't know if it has to do with calculations, those that I wroted above, or somewhere else.

Thank you in advance

See the video:

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