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Can newer version of Power BI Desktop be slower than the older one?

Until december 2022 I was using 2.100.1401.0 64-bit (December 2021) version of Power BI Desktop. In January 2023 I updated the version to 2.112.1161.0 64-bit (December 2022).

I noticed that the same files/models with the same amount of data are much slower in the newer version. For example operation such as filtering columns in the Data Tab/View take much longer. That applies to other operations too.


Is it possible that the cause of this slowing down is the version of Power BI?


Please advice. Thank you.

Super User
Super User

@Kaatiiaa , are you running the lastest release of Power BI Desktop, that is June 2024?  That being said,  It seems you haven't received any feedback or updates regarding your question or a status update. If you've already resolved your issue, could you please share the solution with the forum so that others may benefit? Also, if possible, please mark that post as a solution. Thank you!



If you have found a true bug or issue, you can make a post to the forum to let others know (and that would be very nice of you to do so). But if you want to get it fixed, you should post it in the Issues/Ideas (it varies) area of the community. Specifically, you should post it here:

Power BI -
PowerAutomate -
PowerApps -


If you have a new idea for functionality or how something should work, you can certainly start a thread on the community to solicit feedback on your idea, but you should also post the idea in the ideas section of the website and solicit others to vote on your idea. The development teams use the Ideas area of the communities to build their development pipeline and a significant amount of weight is placed on Ideas that have lots of votes versus those that do not. The ideas areas of the communities are here:

Power BI -
PowerAutomate -
PowerApps -


If your requirement is solved, please make THIS ANSWER a SOLUTION ✔️ and help other users find the solution quickly. Please hit the LIKE 👍 button if this comment helps you.

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