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Can I connect more than one power bi service datasets to PBI desktop same time.

Hi, I have couple of questions, can some one answer my questions please


1. Can I connect more than one power bi dataset to power bi desktop, if Yes, please tell me how ?

2. I have created few power bi apps, while creating them I have enabled the build permission, can a end user combine datasets of more than one app and build his own report in a separate pbix file ?


Thanks in advanse.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@Venkata1858 yes to both 🙂
Regarding the how, you have some reading to do 🙂

And a recent update regarding what you need to do regarding the users of the new app that will have report created from direct query over dataset in different apps:

In case it answered your question, please accept it as a solution to help the other members find it more quickly. Appreciate Your Kudos ‌‌
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This is SpartaBI!

Hi @SpartaBI Thanks for the response, but I'm getting below error when I click add local model.

"An error occurred while loading the model. Verify that the connection information is correct and that you have permissions to access the data source."


I have enabled the preview feature aswell 







@Venkata1858 can you make sure you have the most updated version of PBIX and also after you enable this feature close the file and re open it

@SpartaBI , I  have just updated my power bi desktop (April-2022), now I'm getting different error message.







@Venkata1858 are you able to refresh the visuals before you switch to direct query?
Also, please toggle on all the preview features just to be sure, close the file and do the testing.

Able to refresh visuals. Enabled all preview features and checked, but no luck.

@Venkata1858 is the dataset you are connecting to resides in an old workspace (V1) or the new modern workspace?
Can you also just publish that dataset again and try to do the same with connecting to the dataset published 

@SpartaBI I could reach upto here, but unable to see any other dataset except the one i have already connected, and Perspective is disabled in the dropdown.





@Venkata1858 this is becasue you are in the same file. I meant open a new file from scratch and look for your new dataset. By the way you can also try to submit in that step, that's ok , this is the nomral flow from live to direct query. After that you will be able to connect to more dataset in case you don't get your error from before.

2022-05-09 22_36_04-Power BI Workspace Datasets License Permissions - Microsoft Power BI Community.png

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