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Helper III
Helper III

Calculating age from a date and time

I'd be extreemly grateful if someone could help with this. I have a column containing date and time information. From this I need to create a new column which shows the age based on the date (in days).



I also have a seperate dataset with a start date and end date (date and time) which I need to calculate the days between the start and end.





Use "New Column" not "New Measure"

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Advocate I
Advocate I



another quick way to convert DOB to age:

  1. In Query Editor> select the column the contains DOB 
  2. Go to Date & Time Colmn section > Date> Select "Age"
  3. In Date & Time Colmn section > Duration > Select "Total Years"
  4. Highlight the transformed column, right click and select "Change Type"> Select "Whole Number"
  5. Rename the column

I had similar requirement of calculating age from DOB. 

This is the easiest way to implement.


Thank you!!

One issue with this method is that for anyone that is over 6 months into their "current" age, their age will be rounded up. E.g. 26.7 will be rounded up to 27.


The solution to this is before you convert the column to a whole number, instead right click on the column header and go to Transform -> Round -> Round Down.

Community Champion
Community Champion





To calculate the age in Days:


Age = DATEDIFF(Table1[DateTimeColumn],TODAY(),DAY)


to calculate the days between the start and end.


DaysBetween = DATEDIFF(Table1[StarDate],Table1[EndDate],DAY)

Lima - Peru


I used the Query Editor to "Insert a Custom Column" (Add Column tab).  I inserted the formula given here, but PowerBI doesn't seem to like the DATEDIFF function.  The system inserted the Table.AddColumn bit up to the DATEDIFF.

= Table.AddColumn(#"Removed Columns", "ItemAge", each DATEDIFF([FirstDetected],TODAY(),DAY))

 Advice welcome.

Thanks you...


I seem to have done something wrong (assuming it's me as a newbie):


21-04-2017 09-02-41.png



Use "New Column" not "New Measure"

Lima - Peru

Who wants an age in days? This is a silly solution!

Thank you for taking the time to help me, it's much appreciated.



My best guess is that you need to choose "New Column" first.

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