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Calculated column to find the header of corresponding row value



I have below sample dataset:

PoinTS_idData dateMonthProfileDirectTarget UnitAccrual kwh
12301/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444
12302/04/2022 00:00Apr3 443
12303/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444
12304/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444
12305/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444
12306/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444
12307/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444
12308/04/2022 00:00Apr50 4450
12309/04/2022 00:00Apr65 4465
12310/04/2022 00:00Apr0 440
12311/04/2022 00:00Apr87 4487
12612/04/2022 00:00Apr 633.333333336
12613/04/2022 00:00Apr  33.3333333333.33333333
12614/04/2022 00:00Apr  33.3333333333.33333333
12615/04/2022 00:00Apr 833.333333338


I need to create a calculated column(Source) to find where the 'Accrual kwh' value is derived from. for example, if we look at the first row,

01/04/2022 has  'Accrual kwh' of 44 derived from the Target Unit. so the Source column(new) should have Target Unit for that row.

similarly for 2nd row, 02/04/2022 has  'Accrual kwh' of 3 which is derived from Profile so the Source column will have Profile in it.


Sample file in below location:

Missing Calendar.pbix


My expected output would be:

PoinTS_idData dateMonthProfileDirectTargetAccrual kwhAccrual Source
12301/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444Target
12302/04/2022 00:00Apr3 443Profile
12303/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444Target
12304/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444Target
12305/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444Target
12306/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444Target
12307/04/2022 00:00Apr  4444Target
12308/04/2022 00:00Apr50 4450Profile
12309/04/2022 00:00Apr65 4465Profile
12310/04/2022 00:00Apr0 440Profile
12311/04/2022 00:00Apr87 4487Profile
12612/04/2022 00:00Apr 633.333333336Direct
12613/04/2022 00:00Apr  33.3333333333.33333333Target
12614/04/2022 00:00Apr  33.3333333333.33333333Target
12615/04/2022 00:00Apr 833.333333338Direct


Could you please guide me through this?


Thanks in advance

@Ahmedx @VijayP @Ashish_Mathur @lbendlin @grantsamborn 


COALESCE is perfect for the value but not that suitable for the source text. You would have to go with SWITCH



Accrual Source =
NOT ISBLANK([Profile]),"Profile",
NOT ISBLANK([Direct]),"Direct",
NOT ISBLANK([Target]),"Target"


View solution in original post

Super User
Super User

Accrual Source = If(MonthProfileDirect = blank()&&Target = Accrual kwh,"Target",
                 If(MonthProfileDirect <> blank()&&MonthProfieDirect = Accrual kwh,"Profile",
                 If(MonthProfileDirect <> blank()&& Accrual kwh = blank(),"Direct",
                 If(MonthProfileDirect = blank()&& Accrual kwh = blank(),"Target",


Use this DAX with proper column names.


If this post helps, then please consider accepting it as the solution to help other members find it more quickly. Thank You!!

Super User
Super User

what should happen if you have ambiguous data. Let's say in the first row Profile, Direct and Target all say 44 ?

Hi @lbendlin ,


Thanks for your quick response!

That's a valid question and appreciate for asking it.

Order of preference is first given to Profile, if all three have values, if profile is blank give Direct, if Direct is blank then give Target.

In that case, we will choose the Profile  and Accrual Source column should have Profile as below:

PoinTS_idData dateMonthProfileDirectTargetAccrual kwhAccrual Source
12301/04/2022 00:00Apr44444444Profile


The ultimate goal of creating this column is to use this in coalesce function as below:

Accrual kwh =
'Missing Calendar date_1'[Profile],
'Missing Calendar date_1'[Direct],
'Missing Calendar date_1'[Target]
Please let me know if you need further info
Thanks in advance

COALESCE is perfect for the value but not that suitable for the source text. You would have to go with SWITCH



Accrual Source =
NOT ISBLANK([Profile]),"Profile",
NOT ISBLANK([Direct]),"Direct",
NOT ISBLANK([Target]),"Target"


Hi @lbendlin ,


Many thanks for this amazing solution!😊

This works like a charm and I will accept this as a solution & close this query


Kind regards


Hi @lbendlin ,


Thanks for your quick response and beautiful code!

I will do a test and get back to you on this


Many thanks

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