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Calculate based on dates


I have a problem that i need little help with , it needs to be in a measure

I have a table with Fruits , Store and Date ( the Measure is what i am looking for)
i want the a measure to calculate all dates that is Unique and greater then 1
We can see that greeen has 3 date for store A and that should give 2
Orange has one date and that should give 0 (want it to be blank)


Also if its possible i would like the measure (think it called dynamic) 

so if i have this table below in a column chart , date as X-axis and Y-axis count of fruit i would like the chart to show all the dates for fruit it i press the measure that has sum of 4  (Store A,B,E should be shown and 7 dates)


/Thanks so much for any help.


Super User
Super User

Screen Capture #657.pngScreen Capture #658.png

Hi @Ahmedx 
Thanks so much for this it calculate as i want 🙂

is it possible to make this measure (Calculate based on dates) work so when i press on it the table changes based on the values instead of needed to mark the 3 colums


did not understand what you need! you can show what you want?

Is it possbile to get the chart to react as picture below if i only press the measure "Calculate based on dates"
If i press the measure now it does nothing to the chart.

i can only get this resualt if i  ctl & press Store A , B and E 




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