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Calculate Logic - Gross Margin Logic



Can someone help me with this Gross Margin Logic. I can's seem to figure it out.


I want to get the Gross Margins of Sales account 4130, but the cost is on a different row. There is a Offset Account Number 2. Can I get a logic that calls Calculate or a Sum of Cost Column in the row above with the offset Acct Number.


GM $ =  Calculate([Cost $],


if Acct_Number 2 = Account Number with my data Below.


Thanks for any Help!


Gross MArgins.png






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Hi @amitchandak 


I am so close to getting the correct result I want.


Can I just put a filter on this to get the correct Associated Date @ Account #2 with the Cost Source in this Calculated Column?


Here is my Calculated Column. It has the Cost Source in the right rows, but just I need the correct Cost Source Data associated with that Account #2 and Date.


Thanks for the Help!



New column =
                        MonthlyFinancials[dmf_AccountUid] = earlier(MonthlyFinancials[da_offset_id]) ),
GM Saved.png


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@TBoat , You need to have one account table with a single name, may max of name.


Join this table with both account 1 and account2, If they are in the same table one join will inactive


Then you can create measure like , Assume account 1 is active join


calculate(Sum(Table[Cost]), isblank([Account 2]))


calculate(Sum(Table[Sales]), userelationship(Account[Account[, Table[Account2]), not(isblank([Account 2])) )



Else you have use earlier to move data across rows


Power BI DAX- Earlier, I should have known Earlier:


New column = Sumx(filter(Table, Table[Account] = earlier(Table[Account2]) ), Table[Cost])


Then you have ignore few  rows


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Thanks for getting back to me @amitchandak I tried these solutions.


What is would the measure be if I wanted to get the Cost $ amount on the associated Sales Line?


  • I created a seperate Dim Table with relationship to Account to Fact Table Account , then Inactive Relationship from Dim Table Account  to Fact Table Account 2.


Cost Offset $ CY = calculate(sum(Fact Table[SalesSource]),

                        USERELATIONSHIP(Dim Table[Account],Fact Table[Account 2]),
                                    not(isblank(Fact Table[Account 2])))


This returns the Sales Number still. I want the Cost number, how do I get that in place of this? It is on a different Row. Shouldnt I sum costs? But then it doesnt have the reference of the Sales number. Not sure what I am missing.






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Still not sure how to move the data row down with Userelationship or Treatas. Or if this is possible.

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