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Hi, I just saved 2 PBIX files, my PC restarts and now i can't open any of these files. When i try to open it a message is displayed saying that the file is corrupted.

I tried to restore previous versions and reparing with 7-zip  with not success.  I can open others pbix files and i'm using  2.44.4675.521 64-bit (March, 2017)



I will spend 3 days rebuilding the models.

Please help me 

Super User
Super User

There might be a way to do this, depending on where the corruption is.


If it is in the Data Model you might be able to get all the Query Editor steps, and then have to rebuild the data model. That you can do by renaming it as a ZIP file and then copying the DataMashup out into a folder.


Then create a new Power BI Desktop File and save it, and close it down.

Rename this file to a ZIP and copy the DataMashup from above into this ZIP file. 

Once that is done rename it back to PBIX and see if you can now view all the information in your Query Editor.


If you want to do this for all your measures you can do it but this time you must do the same steps but do it for the DataModel & Metadata files.

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Hi @GilbertQ


But data model file is in unreadable form. How I can achieve this for measures then???

Hi @mwadhwani


You might have to re-create the measures if you cannot get the data from the DataModel file.


Or you could try using the Power BI-Helper from Reza Rad

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Thanks @GilbertQ for the reply. 

But when I create any report and send that .pbix to .zip and then going to Data Model file its always in unreadable form. 
 I read blog in which it says Data Model stores actual data. Also in the Metadata folder I can just interpret name of the tables and some numbers assigned to it. I am not sure whether that number is in hex format or not. What is the significance of that number.

Also If I want to read Data model file what I need to follow. Can you please suggest me..!!



Hi @mwadhwani


You are correct in that you cannot make any changes to the DataModel file because it does store all the data.

I can only suggest possibly having to re-create it due to it being corrupt?

Can you not download the PBIX file from the Power BI Service?

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It means I cannot manipulate Data Model file ??? So what I need to do to convert that file into readable format, as I am not able to read it??
My requirement is :
Suppose I have a table imported in my power bi having columns : Category,Customer,Sales.

Then I created a report with Table visual having Category and Sales. Now I want to send this .pbix to .zip and then I want to manipulate files in .zip to change the report from here. Can I change field in table visual which currently has Category and Sales by Customer and Sales. Is it achievable ? I am not sure. Or whether I can add one more attribut to existing table visual??

Can you please help me out on this.



Hi there, can you access the PBIX file using Power BI Desktop?

If you can you can change the attributes in Power BI Desktop.

Also can you download a copy of the report from the Power BI Service?
If you can that will then mean you have a working PBIX file.

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Hi @GilbertQ,


Right now I am dealing with Power BI Desktop. I have not published it to Service. I want to change the attribute of the report from the .zip files where I have Report folder which contains Layoout and LinguisticSchema file. .zip also contains DataMashup, DtaModel, Metadata etc. 
I f I change the attribute from .zip files, after that again I send my .zip to .pbix and when I open my report it says corrupt pbix. I want that report should open and it should have Customer and Sales in table visual instead of Category and Sales.
I am not sure whether it is achievable or not.

Hi there, if you want to do that, you can right click on the table and select rename in Power BI Desktop.

If you have not uploaded it to the Power BI Service, I would suggest the quickest thing to do would be is to start again with a new Power BI Desktop file and re-create everything.

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Yes, I Think you are right that I should re-create everything again.

But I am just curious to know whether we can manipulate reports from .zip files.  I mean I will do changes in .zip file and it will reflect into my report when I re-open my .pbix file. If not, then just  wanted to know what kind of manipulations are possible?


I would suggest never trying to change things in the .ZIP file, it all can be done via Power BI Desktop. You can most certainly corrupt it by trying to change files in the .ZIP

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Yes it can be done via Power BI desktop but curios to know whether we can change files in .zip and it will reflect into my report.

Is it feasible?




Please try to install the latest version 2.47.4766.801 (June 2017) to see if it helps.

If not, have you publish the report to Power BI Service? If yes, please try to download the PBIX file from PBI Service.

If you did not publish it to Service, please go to the auto recovery folder to see if there is any recovery file there.



Best Regards,

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