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Average per month

I have simple table with 3 columns

Index - every month from now back is +1


OEE - calculated measure

Calendar_StartDT - basically shift (6:00,14:00,22:00)


I want to show average of OEE in chart of last 4 months back but I cant find how. 

OEE is measure calculated per shift and if I put it on chart its ok if I have date on X but when I put there MonthIndex it probably SUM those values 


Any idea how to get this average per index (month) ? Thank you! 


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problem was in my variable VAR _plannedProd where I didnt add days so when I filteres data I still had data only for one day 

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to make it bit more clear, here is how I calculate OEE


OEE Average =
VAR _plannedProd = AVERAGE(View_Calendar_ProductionPlan_All[ShiftDuration]) * DISTINCTCOUNT(View_Calendar_ProductionPlan_All[SmenaStart.2]) * 52.5
VAR _DtUnplan = CALCULATE(SUM(View_Calendar_ProductionPlan_All[Eval_Duration]),
                                View_Calendar_ProductionPlan_All[ActivityCategory_ID] = 2    //Organizacni prostoj
VAR _ProdTime = _plannedProd - _DtUnplan
VAR _PlannedPcs = SUM(Vyrobni_target[HourTarget]) * (DIVIDE([ProductionTime],60))
VAR _Availability = DIVIDE(_ProdTime, _plannedProd)
VAR _Performance = DIVIDE(SUM(View_Calendar_ProductionPlan_All[Eval_Produced]),_PlannedPcs)
VAR _Oee = _Availability * _Performance


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