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Average per month in visual card

Hello everyone,


I need to show the data below in a table. There are 4 users (A,B,C,D) that worked cases between January and March.


User     January     February     March

A             5               3                 2 

B             4               2                 2

C            5               5                4

D           10              8                4


I need to add a column that shows how many cases everyone worked for that month and another colum for how many each user worked that year, like this:


User     January     February     March     Total Year

A                    5               3                 2              10

B                    4               2                 2              8

C                    5               5                4               14

D                  10              8                4               22

Total             24              18             12              54


And once that's done, then i need a visual card that shows the average per month for all users. So if January is selected then the card should show: 6


Power query doesn't let me add totals down a column. I tried to do the List.Sum but it adds across users instead of each month.


Thank you for your help!



Super User
Super User

@clim2f88j , Assume you already have measure for sum , M1


Create a measure

m2= averagex(summarize(Fact, Date[Month], Fact[Name]), [M1] )



You can use isinscope to switch the GT



if(isinscope(Date[Month]) , [M1] , [M2])


Avg of Sum:

How to Switch Subtotal and Grand Total in Power BI | Power BI Tutorials| isinscope:

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