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I have this table:


So these are survey responses. 17 questions total. The majority of the feedback has been "Positive". How can I write a measure that will give a single overall value of "Positive" for this client? Rather than using 17 mixed responses for a single survey, whatever Feedback Group appears the most should be the overall experience a user had. Trying to count how many positive vs negative vs netural experiences we have. 

Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous 

If you just want the max:

1. Place Table1[Co] in the rows of a table visual

2. Place this measure in the visual

Measure =
VAR FBTable_ =
        DISTINCT ( Table1[Feedback Group] ),
        "CountF", CALCULATE ( COUNT ( Table1[Feedback Group] ) )
        DISTINCT ( Table1[Feedback Group] ),
        TOPN ( 1, FBTable_, [CountF], DESC )

Please always show your sample data in text-tabular format in addition to (or instead of) the screen captures. A screen cap doesn't allow people to readily copy the data and run a quick test and thus decreases the likelihood of your question being answered. Just use 'Copy table' in Power BI and paste it here. Or, ideally, share the pbix (beware of confidential data).


Please mark the question solved when done and consider giving kudos if posts are helpful.

Cheers  Datanaut



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