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Any Risk of Inconsistency After Publishing a Report with a Text Box that Includes a Dynamic Value?

Hi!  Is anyone aware of whether the dynamic "+ Value" in a text box is sensitive to a viewer's environment after the report is published?  In other words, is the result that I see as the report designer in Power BI Desktop exactly the same as what every other user will see (even after the report is published & embedded in a public website)?

I am referring to the dynamic values that we can insert into a text box in Power BI using the "+ Value" feature (as pictured below).  It is my understanding that this dynamic value feature relies on Power BI's Q&A functionality.  Does that mean the dynamic value in the text box is re-evaluated each time the embedded report is viewed?  Might the fact that someone viewing my report in her browser has different cookies, etc. mean that the dynamic value evaluates to a result when she views my embedded report that is different than the result I saw when I viewed the report? 

(I know the dynamic value changes as the underlying queried data changes.  That's excellent but not my question.  Let's assume the report's queried data has not changed; only the IP address, user, etc. viewing the report has changed.  Would the result of the "+ Value" change?)

As an analogy, consider what happens when you and I both type "Find" into Google's search bar.  My top suggested search is "Find a grave" (genealogy!); yours is probably something different (e.g., "Finding Nemo").  The result depends on the user's environment (IP address, cookies, etc.).

I realize the dynamic value in the text box does not involve any text entry by the other people viewing my report.  I, as the report designer, am the only one who enters text in the "Ask a question about your data" field.  However, I am wondering whether the fact that this "+ Value" text box feature relies on Q&A means that the result could be different for different viewers (who are not the report designer).

This is a hypothetical question.  I have never used the "+ Value" text box feature, and I am trying to gauge the risk of using it before I publish the report from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service and then embed the report in a highly visible public website.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this "+ Value" in a text box feature!
2024-05-17 Add dynamic value to text box.png

Super User
Super User

There are three levels to your question


level1:  You prohibit your report users from storing modified filters.  Next time they open the repor they will see your default filters again unless they were clever enough to save bookmarks

level2: You allow users to store their filters . These will then be applied to the next session. Filter choices are restricted to that user

level3: you allow your users to personalize visuals. That is also limited to each user.


In short - yes.  Stuff is user specific unless you prevent it (bad idea) or until the user clicks the "Reset" button or clears their browser cookies or whatever storage is now used.

Thank you, very much, @lbendlin , for making the time to reply.  I appreciate your help!  Unfortunately, it seems I did not communicate my hypothetical scenario clearly.

In the scenario that interests me, the report viewer will have no access to the filters pane.  The report viewer will be viewing a Power BI report through a public embed link (akin to this one: )

My question is whether—for different viewers of the public embed link Power BI report—the result of the "+ Value"  that I add in a text box will the be same or different (assuming the data & filters etc. remain the same; the only thing that would change is the report viewer's device, cookies, etc.). 

In other words, I am wondering whether the "+ Value" in a text box (because it relies on Power BI's Q&A functionality) behaves more like a card in Power BI (yields the same result regardless of the report viewer's device, cookies, etc.) or more like Google search suggestions (could possibly yield a different result depending on user's device, cookies, etc.).

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