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Advocate II
Advocate II

Adjust order of tooltips options

I am using a gauge visualisation and would like to change the order of the tooltips. I have entered a field into the 'value' field and this automatically comes out at the top of the tooltips. I would like to move this down the list.


Can anyone provide a solution for this?  

Resolver III
Resolver III

I could not figure out how to do that but maybe you can look into the new tooltip pages that are in preview.  I think then you can design the page however you would like.  I believe I saw that in either the February or March release update video.



Thanks Dawn, do you have a link to this?

Here is link to another explaination that may be helpful.


Resolver III
Resolver III



Please elaborate with snap & data so it will be helpful to workaround. 





Chetan K




Hi Chetan, the graphics on the top left (remaining allocations) is highlighted so you can see the fields that have been entered into the tooltip area on the right hand side. I want to have the 'remaining' figure in the graphic (in this instance, that value is £67,300), but once I enter that on the right hand side, it defaults to the top of the tooltip when you hover over the graphic.

@mbrierley its not tooltip its called as Callout 

to add additional callout use Card Viz assigned the values & add it bellow to the existing callout

Final allocation, Paid & Pending which you added you can view if the mouse cursor hover mouse on chart 

Chetan K

Sorry, I think we're talking about different things here.


I want to edit the box that appears when you hover over the data, which I think is called the tooltip. At the moment, the callout value defaults to the top of the tooltip, but I don't want this. I need to have another figure (the final allocation in this example) at the top, but I can't seem to change this. 



Refer to the Link





Chetan K

Thanks @chethan, much appreciated. 


I've been able to create the tooltip on a seperate tab within the dashboard from following the video. However, there are no options to assign it to a data source or to an individual graphic (the latter option is the one that I'm seeking). So at the moment its doing nothing....


I have to say, i've just started using Power BI and its infinately inferior in terms of usability when compared to Tableau. All I want to do is change the order of the fields in the tooltip and it seems the only way to achieve this is through a massively convoluted process



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