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Adding Date excluding weekends for +10 days

DueDate =
VAR _P1 = Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[CreatedDate] + TIME(2,0,0)
VAR _P2 = Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[CreatedDate] + TIME(8,0,0)
VAR _P3 = Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[CreatedDate] + 7
VAR _PreFinal1 = SWITCH(Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[Priority],1,_P1,2,_P2)
VAR _PreFinal2 = SWITCH(WEEKDAY(_PreFinal1,2),6,_PreFinal1+2,7,_PreFinal1+1)
VAR _Final = IF(ISBLANK(_PreFinal2),_PreFinal1,_PreFinal2)
RETURN IF(Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[Priority] IN {1,2},_Final,_P3)


@PattemManohar Once again thank you much for helping me out. If I change VAR_P2 to Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[CreatedDate] + 10 to skip 10 days excluding weekends. The weekends are not getting excluded. Please help..


Actually the new requirement is for P4 and P5 which is 10 and 20 days. So I tried the same logic but not able to achieve it. Based on the created date I have to find the new Due Date excluding weekends. For P4 it should be P4 created date + 10 days excluding weekends.


Kindly help...

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Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Anonymous ,

For your requirement, you could use the logic of your previous post which has been solved.

You could change the formula be like below.

VAR_P2=Test274DateAddExcludeWeekends[CreatedDate] + DAY(DATE(0,0,10))

Please have a try, if you still need help, please share your data sample which could reproduce your scenario and your desired output so that we could help further on it.

Best  Regards,



Community Support Team _ Cherry Gao
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I dont see an option to attach files in this forum. Hence Pasted as screenshot. and data as table.


If you look at the below screenshot. the date for P3 calculation is set to P3 created date + 10 but the new date is not excluding weekends.





IDModulePriorityCreatedResolvedDue Date
2Incident122/03/2019 14:0025/03/2019 16:00 
3Incident122/03/2019 23:0022/03/2019 15:00 
4Incident222/03/2019 14:00  
5Incident322/03/2019 14:00  
6Incident422/03/2019 14:00  
7Incident423/03/2019 14:00  
8Incident424/03/2019 14:00  
9Incident425/03/2019 14:00  
10Incident426/03/2019 14:00  
11Incident427/03/2019 14:00  
12Incident428/03/2019 14:00  
13Incident429/03/2019 14:00  
14Incident430/03/2019 14:00  
15Incident431/03/2019 14:00  
16Incident401/04/2019 14:00  
17Incident402/04/2019 14:00  
18Incident403/04/2019 14:00  
19Incident404/04/2019 14:00  
20Service Request122/03/2019 14:00  
21Service Request222/03/2019 14:00  
22Service Request322/03/2019 14:00  
23Service Request422/03/2019 14:00  
24Service Request326/03/2019 21:00  
25Incident522/03/2019 14:00  
26Incident622/03/2019 14:00  
27Incident722/03/2019 14:00  
28Incident822/03/2019 14:00  
29Incident922/03/2019 14:00  



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